OXO + OzHarvest

OXO supports OzHarvest in leading a food rescue operation for people in need across Australia. In partnership with 1% For the Planet and OzHarvest, we are contributing our resources to help inspire and educate people about food waste. Let’s nourish our country together.

ozharvest and oxo

Who is OzHarvest?

OzHarvest is on a mission to stop food waste, feed people in need and protect our planet by championing the value of food and driving change at levels of society. OzHarvest's purpose is to ‘Nourish our Country’ and they do this in four ways:


People in need


To create positive change


For sustainability


For social impact

our contribution

Our Contribution

As part of our commitment to 1% For The Planet, OXO is donating funds across three major OzHarvest initiatives; Food Rescue & distribution, FEAST education program and fighting household food waste through the Use It Up™ campaign.

Food Rescue

OXO is supporting OzHarvest to collect good food that would otherwise have gone to waste and deliver it to people in need nationwide

How is OXO supporting Food Rescue?

  • Delivering an additional 280,000 meals
  • Saving 140,000 kgs of good food from landfill
  • Preventing 924,000 kgs of CO2 from damaging the environment.
oxo supporting food rescue

FEAST Education Program

FEAST is a curriculum aligned program, inspiring kids to eat healthy, waste less and become change-makers in their local community. Like any good Feast, it’s designed to be fun, engaging and filled with good food!

How is OXO supporting FEAST?

  • Delivering the FEAST program in up to 45 new schools
  • Impacting up to 3,000 children directly in the first year
  • Improving cooking skills and healthy eating habits.
“The OXO kit arrived yesterday… It is an amazing resource, thank you so much for arranging it! We are particularly excited to start using the compost caddies across our year 5 classes as our school garden is now equipped with a number of small compost bins so we are keen to use them on a daily basis, not just in our cooking lessons.”
Piara Waters Public school, FEAST Recipient

Fighting Food Waste

Use It Up Campaign

Australia’s national target to halve food waste by 2030 is looming fast. Reducing food waste at home is the single most powerful thing individuals can do to take climate action.

Fight food waste by making sure you Use It Up™! It’s a simple habit that will save food, save money and save the planet!

oxo supporting food rescue

How is OXO supporting the Use It Up Campaign?

To get the nation onboard, OzHarvest has developed the Use It Up Tape™. This is a world first product that makes it easy and fun to see what food needs using up in your fridge or pantry, which can then be transformed into your next meal!

*All orders from will receive a complimentary Use It Up Tape™ so you can join us in the fight against food waste.